Julie Dion

I board my horse (Rich) at PMC and am an active participant in the lesson, training and show programs. PMC provides a positive, fun and safe environment for riders of all levels. The atmosphere is welcoming and inclusive for all ages. 

Penny is extremely knowledgeable about horse healthcare and training and is very proactive in addressing and resolving a variety of issues. One of the greatest aspects of Penny’s program is the balance she provides for riders between successfully showing and enjoying their horses on a daily basis. I have exceeded my goals in the show ring while having a horse who enjoys trail rides and daily turnout. 

Penny’s passion for horses is contagious and it is evident that she genuinely loves sharing her gift with others. I have been pushed outside my comfort zone in a manner that has not only developed my skills, but also my confidence. PMC has allowed me to reach my dreams while gaining friendships that will last a lifetime. 
Rich and I feel very blessed to be a part of the PMC family!