Shawna Kirkwood

I have been a client/student of PMC Performance Horses for about 5 years as a riding student. Over the years me and my daughter have grown a great deal and have been able to compete together as a result of Penny’s teaching. We have our horse stabled at their facility and she genuinely is treated like the Princess Show Horse that she is. Having her so well cared for makes balancing our work, school and hobby so much easier.

Recently a group of friends and I signed up for an Equine Assisted Learning Date Night at PMC. It was a fabulous, fun twist on date night that not only got us learning something new, but improving our communication with our partner (both 2 legged and 4 legged partners) in a relaxed environment. We learned trust and communication skills mixed in with laughter and fresh air. Until that date night I had no idea what EAL was all about and would recommend it not only to couples, but to corporations that are always looking for new tools to improve their communication, trust and leadership skills. I can also see how a program like this would be extremely beneficial for anyone suffering from anxiety, depression or looking to improve their sociability. Penny’s positive communication style and the horses calm, kind disposition will have anyone at ease immediately and learning in a completely new way.

PMC Performance Horses is not only a great, well run facility, but Penny and her crew welcome you into their safe environment. Penny is knowledgeable as well as leads by example and pushes her students and clients to be the best they can be!