Customized EAL Events

Specialized Support Groups 

Our specialized support groups can be formatted to suit the organization’s needs. We run EAL events for people suffering from PTSD, women’s groups and can accommodate other varieties of support groups. Our team is discreet and will customize each event to the needs of the group. These sessions run with a minimum of one EAL exercise per visit and can also have a lunch or snacks with beverages included.
It can be run similar to a corporate event or be run in 6 week and/or 12 week packages.
We can accommodate large groups of 30 people or smaller groups of 10.

SHSM/ High School Programs

PMC Performance Horses EAL recently joined forces with the SHSM programs and leadership classes in local High Schools. This has been an amazing experience for our participants and it has received positive reviews. We focus on leadership, communications, group dynamics and team building skills all while having fun with hands on experiential learning opportunities. Our groups have been very receptive to this workshop and have been asking for more. Our program typically runs half days with lunch included. Our team sets up to two EAL activities along with a briefing on safety and debriefing of the workshop. We can accommodate large groups of up to 30 students, washroom facilities on site and boardroom for available for lunch and other activities.

Please note for youth camps children under 6 years of age cannot participate in EAL events and anyone under 16 years of age has to wear an approved helmet.