Corporate Events And Future Leaders

Corporate Events And Future Leaders Programs

Corporate team building/ leadership events. $200/ person- Half day workshops

Our corporate events run on half days. They consist of a briefing, two EAL activities, debriefing, catered lunch and use of boardroom for meetings or guest speakers. We can accommodate large groups (upward of 30 people).

Customized corporate EAL events can be arranged.

This is the perfect opportunity to have your employees team up, work together, learn more about one another and iron out minor or major flaws in the workplace. It can also help with improving customer service, giving your employees the skills needed to work through customer relations, negotiations or even giving employees the skills to guide customers to make the right choices. It also gives individuals a chance to learn a little more about themselves and make them aware of how they communicate with others. Viewing things from a leadership perspective, it can make your managers and people in command more aware of how to connect with staff and colleagues and get the best out of your whole team. The goal is to have your company rise as a unit, through communication and teamwork. Our team can customize your event and gear our activities toward your objective to reach the intended outcome.

Future Leaders Programs

We will be offering a wide variety of programs to our calendar for youth and young adults. Workshops will typically consist of a briefing, one to two EAL sessions, debriefing, lunch and on some occasions, guest speakers for part of the day. Our team will be customizing events to suit your needs. These workshops will be a unique and fun learning experience, we also offer certificates of completion for attending a leadership workshop that you can use on a resume for future reference. We are very excited to be offering this type of new and unique program to the Greater Sudbury and surrounding area.

Please note for youth camps children under 6 years of age cannot participate in EAL events and anyone under 16 years of age has to wear a helmet.