Last Chance For Romance

Barn Name: Aphrodite

Aphrodite is the most kind and gentle soul. This mare has been in our lesson program from the time she was a young 3 year old. She was purchased as a yearling off of a family friend, was broke by Penny and quickly became the role model school horse PMC’s program needed. Aphro has taught many people of all ages the joys of horseback riding and with her quiet good natured attitude, she has given so many riders a great confidence boost and the foundations needed to step up into the show world. You will often see this mare at the local shows doing what she does best, putting smiles on so many faces.


This special horse is also used in our EAL program, she has a slight stubborn streak or let’s just say she may need a LOT of motivation to get your tasks complete. Horses, like people, all have unique personalities and this one is a common trait in people as well. Paired with the right team mates in an EAL setting this girl will teach you workable ways to influence a team member while still keeping your patience! 😉 She is an absolutely amazing teacher and is loved by many!!!