Equine Assisted Learning

What is EAL?

Our program is based on an experiential approach to learning leadership, communications, team building and self development skills along with many other skill sets. Partnered with horses, the experience creates excellent group dynamics as well keeping participants engaged and learning through hands on experiences. Exercises are intentionally set up to encourage creative thinking and in some cases to add challenges so participants can problem solve and work as a team to achieve goals in the moment. This provides participants the skills needed to work through other situations in life whether in a personal or professional environment. Clear communication is key. Our program has a multitude of specialized hour long exercises which help demonstrate different styles of communication and skill sets. Our exercises work as building blocks. A group can join multiple EAL events, work toward different objectives and expect a different outcome each time they participate.

Why Horses 

Horses are honest creatures and live in the moment. Their feelings and reactions are a reflection of our interactions. Horses cannot communicate with humans verbally therefore they rely on body language. Touch, feel and posture are some of the ways horses are responsive and understand humans. Horses have a keen sense of what humans are feeling as they can sense energy from our emotions. It is difficult to hide your emotional energy from a horse and that is what makes them so valuable in this learning experience.

A certified EAL facilitator can observe non-verbal communication from the horse and translate the behaviour to aid the participant in the objective of the exercise. By using an experiential approach to learning we enhance the retention and level of understanding of the skills learned.


This program is validated by many top corporations in Canada such as CIBC, American Express and Royal Canin to name a few and has already been introduced to many SHSM High School programs provincially and nation wide. EAL is an award winning research based program created by Cartier Farms. PMC Performance Horses and EAL Centre is certified to facilitate this program and will absolutely give you everything this program has to offer. I look forward to offering an Equine Assisted Learning opportunity to you or your team personally and/or professionally.

What do we have to offer?

My name is Penny McAlpine-Clayton, I have a life time of horse experience and I am a certified EAL facilitator. I have trained and shown horses since early childhood, provincially and internationally, having enjoyed plenty of successes along the way. I have developed an excellent riding lesson and training program over the last 19 years and have been able to carry much of the skills I have learned with people and with horse onto the next chapter in my EAL career. I am one of a few trainers and coaches in the Northeastern Ontario area who has an extremely diverse program as I have had the opportunity to show and coach in the Trillium circuit as a hunter/jumper rider.

I have spent the last 10 years training and showing on the AHQA circuit, which caters to the all-round disciplines such as English and Western Performance. I have also had opportunities to ride and show Barrel Racing horses on the NBHA circuit. I have qualified on multiple occasions for World Shows in AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association) and the NSBA (National Snaffle Bit Association) and have had several opportunities to show at the All American Quarter Horse Congress in Columbus, Ohio. I am extremely lucky to now have an excellent group of clients whom I have helped to achieve personal goals and challenges in the equine industry and feel privileged to call them friends.

Together, we have overcome many challenges, have conquered many quests and reached our ultimate goals. I continue to build a strong lesson program, offer training for green horses, finishing show horses as well as offering a beautiful full service boarding facility. I now have added this amazing EAL program to my business.
PMC Performance Horse has always prided itself in having a wonderful group of safe and quiet school horses who are all aged and have had a career in helping people learn the wonders of riding. Although EAL is not accomplished on a horse, these horses are perfectly suited for this program, being safe, calm and willing to assist in ones learning. We offer a beautiful modern 200 x 80 covered indoor arena and also a large new boardroom for meetings, workshops, a place to have lunch and washroom on site.

I have been passionate about teaching people of all ages about horses. We are happy to have added EAL to our program as it brings our business to another level of learning. This program benefits everyone and you do not require any previous horse experience to join in. I believe EAL has much to offer anyone from corporate to youth. This program can enhance existing skills or build new skills in leadership, communications and working with others in any environment. We also offer work shops for specialized support groups such as PTSD in need of building skills such as trust, confidence and a sense of self control. We take confidentiality seriously.

Booking An EAL Event

Please refer to our events page for a full list of EAL activities, available dates and special events. Feel free to contact us for any further questions or to speak to us about how we can specialize a program to suit your specific needs.