Training Programs


Colt Breaking 

We specialize in the breaking out and starting of young horses and/or the progression of green horses. 
Breaking out a horse starts at $500 per month and typically requires two to three months (depending on the owners skill level) for a suitable safe start on a horse. 

Monthly Training 

Full Training

We take on many green horses that need to be seasoned and made ready for the show ring. Training is available for nearly any discipline. We encourage our clients to have a goal and start with the end in mind as we proceed in a program with your horse. Training programs are tailored to each individuals needs. We offer full time training, four to five rides per week. Full monthly training on green or broke horses starts at $450 per month.

Part time Training

With this package we offer three rides per week. This program is very well received, clients enjoy it because it allows them time to ride, take lessons on the off days and stay current with where their horse is at. 
Three day training per week is $350 per month.

Training Per Ride

Training can also be purchased per ride at a rate of $30.

Problem Horses

Prices vary for problem horses. Please call to set up a consult. 

Please note: Boarding rates apply above all training prices. There are many boarding packages to choose from. Please contact us to get further information on a custom program for you and your horse.

Training available for show prospects as well as family horses.